Language school

VMI is now the agent for a language school in the province of Quebec, offering FSL, ESL and many other programs.

VMI is very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Bouchereau Lingua International for student recruitment for their Montreal and Quebec campuses.

In 1976, BLI (Bouchereau Lingua International) opened its first language school in the city of Montreal, offering corporate training to executives and business people. Not long after that, they opened their doors to students from all over the world to participate in English and French immersion programs. A few years later, they started providing local and multinational companies with top quality translation services. With the dedicated teaching staff and the friendly and positive atmosphere of the school, it was able to open another campus in Quebec City offering French programs for international students. BLI takes the language learning process outside the classroom by offering the students a wide variety of fun and interesting activities, with quality homestay that will allow the students to take their learning experience to another level: learning in the “real world”. They also have a wide variety of programs that will help them to learn based on their interests, in a friendly environment, surrounded by students from all over the world. For more than 38 years, they have helped thousands of students to fulfill their dreams and to become global citizens.

We are looking forward to welcoming one of your students at one of our schools. They’ll accompany them on this great life experience of learning a language abroad!


English & French programs
English & French programs to fit different types of educational needs. Depending on the students’interests, they may take General English/French classes, business English/French workshops, skill classes and electives.

Business program – BBP
Business program offers customized lessons to executives and business people. We offer the following options for this type of program:

  • Private courses
  • Semi-private courses and small groups from the same organization
  • In combination with group courses

Work experience programs – WEP
Work and study programs have been designed by professionals and offer our students the opportunity of living the language by immersing in the Canadian work environment and by gaining hands on experience. We offer different options depending on the students needs. They can decide if they want to volunteer, take a professional internship or a casual WEP program.

Bilingual horizon – BBH
All year round, we offer this program, a unique opportunity for students to become multilingual and multicultural by spending half of it in Montreal, where students will learn English; and half in Quebec City, where students will learn French. This program offers flexibility and students can choose where to start and how long they want their program to be for each language. To get the most out of it, we recommend that students take it for a minimum of 20 weeks. Students will pay only one registration fee, one accommodation placement fee.

Foreign Languages Adventure Program – FLAP
During the summer and winter, we offer a program specifically designed for teens who are between 13 and 17 years old. It is a unique opportunity to improve French and English communication skills. Thanks to our competent teachers and to the energetic counsellors, we offer quality instruction, and a balance of entertaining and fun cultural as well as recreational activities such as outings, sports in both cities, Quebec & Montreal.

Languages on the move – LOM
Learning that goes beyond the classroom. This program will give you the opportunity to discover what Canada has to offer you. You will take 2, 3 or 4 weeks of English or French courses, followed by a full week tour with your classmates. Depending on the season, you will explore places like Niagara Falls, Toronto, One thousand Island, Tadoussac, Ottawa, Mont-Tremblant, etc.

Language Business Integration – LBI
This program is designed for professionals who want to increase their level of English and/or French and at the same time want to make connections with companies in the province of Quebec to open up business opportunities. It is a great opportunity for business networking.

Parents and kids vacation program – PKVP
Our Parent & Child program is a great way for families to visit Montreal and improve their English and/or French together. The Parent(s) will study English/French in the mornings at our school, while the kids take part in the summer camps classes. After class they will join their child(ren) on daily afternoon trips & activities around Montreal. Every Saturday there is a special day-trip planned for you to enjoy together.

Parents and kids’ immersion program – PKIP
This program is ideal for parents who want to study English/French during any season of the year and want to travel with their child(ren). Depending on the age of the child(ren) BLI offers several options so that while the parent(s) is busy taking classes at BLI, the child(ren) can be either at the daycare or taking regular classes at a local elementary or high school.

Elementary and High school program for individuals & groups
This program will enrich the student Elementary or High school education providing them with the opportunity to become a fluent English speaker and enjoy the multiple activities that the Canadian education system offers to their students. The student will be integrated into an elementary or Secondary school (grades 3 through 11) according to their age and to the grade they are currently taking in their home country while living with a Canadian family. If a group of students takes this program, daily and weekend activities can be organized upon request.

Language Vocational program
The program is developed for adults who want to learn English/French in Canada and who want to improve their skills in their profession and become competitive in the Canadians Labour Market. This program is offered in association with different vocational centers in Montreal. The program has three components. Language course, vocational course and work experience.

Exam preparation program TOEFL
The TOEFL Preparation course is designed to prepare students for both the paper and the computer based (CBT) TOEFL tests. Students will learn vocabulary, idioms, and grammar structures used on the TOEFL test. They will also learn practical strategies for answering questions in the listening and reading sections of the TOEFL test. Two complete in-class practice TOEFL tests (paper) are offered every month in addition to optional practice CBT tests every Friday. Students will also be required to write practice TWE (Test of Written English) essays at home and in class.

Exam preparation program TOEIC
The TOEIC Preparation course is designed to prepare students to write the official TOEIC test by teaching successful test taking strategies, as well as vocabulary, idioms, and grammar structures. Students take practice TOEIC tests every Friday morning. The TOEIC preparation course is a FULL TIME program.

Exam preparation program DELF
The DELF diploma is composed of 4 units: A1- A2 – B1 – B2. There is an exam for each unit. Upon successful completion of DELF A1 and A2 the student demonstrates his ability to communicate in everyday situations. Upon successful completion of DELF B1 and B2 the student demonstrates his ability to defend his/her opinion, develop a solid argument and self-correct.


  • Homestay full board
  • Executive full board homestay
  • Homestay half board
  • Roomstay
  • Student housing & student residence
  • Studios, apartments & lofts>
  • Alternative accommodation


  • Course duration: Minimum course duration is 1 week.
  • Starting Dates: Every Monday
  • Age group: 16 years and over
  • Class size: Small – max. 14 students
  • Placement: On-line test + oral and written test on the first day
  • Testing: Exam during the last week of each session
  • Nationality Balance: 22% Switzerland and Mexico / 10% USA, Brazil and Canada / 5% Japan / 4% Colombia