Types of representation which we offer for business in the tourism industry; global, Ad Hoc and training for new staff in the office.

VMI offer three kinds of representation:

  • Global Representation
  • Ad Hoc Representation
  • Representation & Training

Global Representation

Our office will become YOUR office in Canada and/or United States. You will have an immediate presence on the market and you will automatically begin B2B with people in the industry thus increasing the number of visitors to your destination or business.

Advantages of using a local representative are:

  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Eliminates cost of training and turnover in sales staff
  • Immediate access to the market
  • Provides a highly experienced, more aggressive sales force
  • An increase in sales equal or superior to a direct sales force
  • Provides a broader context for the sale of your destination or business
  • Adds greater marketing flexibility at less cost
  • Increase in sales

Benefits of using a local representative are:

  • Establishing contacts with key tourism and industry partners
  • Direct involvement with local business
  • More accurate information of the local market
  • Faster response to requests
  • Better understanding of market trends
  • Reduction of personnel and operational costs
  • Reduction in the cost of organizing events

Advantages of using VMI are:

  • A range of services under one roof
  • Flexible and lightweight structure
  • A passionate team, available and highly qualified
  • A rigorous strategic approach
  • Increased speed in decision making
  • Important network of contacts in the media and decision-makers in business tourism and leisure
  • Flexibility to organize an event at the last minute or modify an activity
  • New ideas and projects for the promotion
  • A system that collects all information about customers, without interfering with the anti-spam law in Canada or in United States
  • Services offered in three languages (French, English and Spanish)
  • A team that can find ways to organize events with limited budgets

Your budget will go directly to promote your destination or business and not in operating costs or the analysis of a new market.

Ad Hoc Representation

You don’t have time, or the necessary or experienced staff to attend a trade show?  We can help you!  Furthermore, you will be able to take advantage of our Shared Cost Program.

VMI offers you the opportunity to participate in several trade shows at lower costs by presenting and promoting your business or destination. Many partners are using this service to keep their presence in the association and during a trade show.

If you have always thought that trade shows are expensive, you are right. However, VMI offers you the opportunity to be on the market at a much lower cost than if you were on your own.

Representation & Training

Is it your first time at this trade show? You don’t know how it works?  You have someone new in your office and no one to train this person to represent you during a trade show?

If you are attending a trade show for the first time, you might not be aware of all the logistics and loose time trying to understand them, instead of meeting with clients.  VMI offers you the possibility to help during your first trade show, so you get noticeable presence on your first attendance!