Social Media

We can create and maintain your social media pages in order to attract more visitors and to develop your business in the tourism industry.


Have you ever heard of social media?  Do you know how to use them to attract more clients?  Do you have time to maintain and feed them?

Advantages of social media are:

  • Increases visibility of your destination or business
  • Allows direct interaction with your clients
  • Reduces marketing expenses
  • Provides interesting leads and increases the number of clients
  • Targets a to a specific market
  • Provides reports and analysis on your pages
  • Increases website traffic

We will be able to help you to use the social Media to attract more clients to your business. 

We can offer:

  • Opening your page using your logo, name, etc.
  • Getting as many potential clients as possible to your page
  • Maintaining and feeding your page regularly with your information

VMI will be able to keep your social media page of your choice and do everything to attract more visitors to your page. This service will allow you to focus more on servicing your clients rather than trying to attract them.